Laravel 5.5 & Angular 4 (using Webpack) Basic Starter Application
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Laravel 5.5 + Angular 4 Basic Starting Application


Laravel 5.5 + Angular 4 Basic Starting Application

This is a simple application starter for Laravel 5.5 & Angular 4 + AdminLTE.

The Angular code is based on Angular Webpack Starter

Check the GitHub page to clone the repository

Laravel 5.5 & Angular 4

Installation Laravel 5.5 & Angular 4

  • Clone the repository
  • then run composer install & npm install


Run npm run start to start a server that’ll run on http://localhost:3000 or npm run build-dev to just compile the assets to public/build


You can also run npm run build to use webpack.config.js configuration instead of Laravel Mix.

Laravel Mix

You can use Laravel Mix by running npm run dev or npm run
, The output will be published to public/build but it’ll be incomplete and won’t work with mix() functions in the layout by default.


By default the angular code came with index.html which you can use but you can also use the Laravel blade templates as the layout file. Either one works.

Also you will find integrated even the AdminLTE template, after running the application on the starting page you will find the page Admin Template, for integrating the AdminLTE is used bower from bower_components.

If you have any questions please use the Issues tab or submit a pull request. I tried to keep this as simple as possible without all the tests, linting etc… just the basic form of a starter repository to be able to use Angular 4 with Laravel 5.5 as the back-end.


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